Signs that your partner doesn’t love you anymore

If you have noticed some of these signs in your partner, it is better to end the relationship.

Caucasian couple arguing on sofa

Starting a relationship, the first months are those where love is shown in its maximum splendor. On those days where you don’t want to be separated by anything from your partner’s world. Sadly, that magical moment deteriorates over time. Sometimes couples do not know what to do when these changes occur.

In this article we will show you some of the signs that the relationship is no longer working. Obviously, you will realize that your partner no longer loves you.

1. He no longer supports you and always blames you

Couples must always support each other. The moment they decided to be together they became a team. If you feel that you are alone at all times and everything negative that happens in the relationship is your fault, it is because the relationship is very bad.

2. She does not respect you and attacks you

They argue about everything and can’t even stand to see each other, it is better to find another way.

3. Is thinking about something else

Your partner does not pay attention to what you are talking about or prefers to be glued to her cell phone, it is an indicator that something is happening in your relationship.

4. Doesn’t show love like before

He is not interested in knowing about you or what happens with you during the day. This means that he is probably just staying with you out of habit.

5. You always have an excuse for not being home

It is a clear sign that your partner has another person and does not want to be with you anymore, less to share moments alone with you.

6. They have no topic of conversation

If there is no communication in the couple, it is advisable to leave the relationship in the past.