60% of women have used calzón water with their partner and assure that it is effective

Like men, women don’t take no for an answer when they decide to declare their love for a guy. That is why they decide to be with the love of their life no matter what. According to a survey conducted by a local newspaper in the city of Lima. 60% of women have used the calzón water technique.

It is said that calzón water is nothing more than a very old love potion used to make your man fall in love. This magic potion is prepared with other little unusual ingredients. You must have two panties at your fingertips, one from your partner and the other from yours. According to the beliefs for it to be effective the garments had to be worn at least once.

According to those surveyed in Peru, they will ensure that this ritual does have a strong effect on the couple. 99% of the women who used it feel satisfied with the results obtained. However, 1% want to get rid of the tie because they cannot bear the emotional dependence of their partners.

If you have heard of this ritual and have never tried it, but doubt its effect. Now with the responses of these respondents who assure if the calzón water works, it is more than clear. And if you have already done it, you will surely agree with the women who have done it.

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